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Drop It Likes Its Hot


According to the Guinness Book of World Records the largest beach ball was dropped in Dallas, TX in 2009, as a PR stunt for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Car Spotting California


Get in gear for the summer & hit the California highway with Chance. Mary designed a series of car spotting cards. Voom! Voom! Drive by the Chance shop & take a peak at the new collection.

Pushing Penny’s


We love these lil shredders! Props to Ben Mackay for tinkering and dreaming.

Wind Me Up Chuck!


It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that go-go swing. Peace, love & respect to the Godfather of DC funk. Here’s a classic clip from Go-Go live at the Cap Centre circa 87′ yawl. Lock it in the pocket!

Mug Shot


OG Ralph’s Mug. Perfect for dunking. (See previous post.)

Dunking Donuts


We go nuts for donuts! 606 R & D donuts are special & delicious. Powdered sugar, cinnamon and plain! Perfect for dunking! Open everyday except Mondays. (Chef’s need a day of rest, too.)

The Wilderness


Lights, Camera, Noise! Our friends @ The Wilderness will be speaking @ at the Museum of Art & Design, May 10th 6:30–8:00PM courtesy of the AIGA/NY.

Dirty White Doodles


Mary’s favorite white jeans – dirty & clean. Either way they are super fresh. Wishing A.P.C still made them.