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Coney Island Aquarium


We visited the Coney Island Aquarium, recently, which is a great place to cool down & chill out. Black lights, crazy fish & Tazo the sea otter, he’s really cute.

Kickin’ Flavor


Brooklyn Larder‘s Watermelon Sorbetto. So so so delicioso!

The 411 on the Bucket Hat


Cross Colors, Polo to top gear… Mary J Blige rocks the Daisy Mae!


Put a Lid on It


The original Bucket Hat (AKA: The Daisy Mae, The Dixie Cup, Johnny Jeep Hat and The Giggle Hat) was issued during WWII in khaki, denim and jungle green and included a firm brim and metal eyelets.

The Finest Brand


Spotted these at the local key food.

A Painter’s Painter


Retiring to paint the sky. A sitter speaks… [here]

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark


Snaps from Fantasia (1940) conducted by Leopold Stokowski, performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra and recorded by Fantasound. Click [here] to peep our favorite Fantasia song. A house classic!

Art Camp


Tucked in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Black Mountain College (1933-1957) was the original art school nirvana.

Catalog 1941-42 / Students hanging on a Buckminster Fuller / Catalog 1950-51 / Notes from Josef Albers Design Lectures 1946 / Catalog 1937-1938


Sittin’ In the Sun


Mary loves Sam Cooke’s version of “Sitting in the Sun” so much she jotted it down. The song was written by Irving Berlin in 1953. What a sweet-sweet summer tune.