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Pausa Di Primavera


Dove posso trovare qualche gelato?

Grandma’s Hands



3 centuries. 2 colors. 5 days. 650 quilts. At the Park Avenue Armory.

Sure Shot


Don’t miss the Bill Cunningham documentary, now playing till March 29th at the Film Forum. Mister Mort makes a special appearance. (Nice jacket Mort!)



Sometimes the process of making art is just as interesting as the art itself! If you like Corita Kent, pick up a used copy of the Irregular Bulletin: The Gloria Issues, published by Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. Pre Power Up, Come Alive & the Love stamp, the book is chock-filled with random newspaper clippings, poems by E. E. Cummings, Eames visits, art openings, typewritten essay… documenting the life of a nun in the 1960s. (Our copy came w/ some fun ephemera.)

Well Hung


Guido Drocco’s, six foot, Cactus coat rack, made in 1972. Fun stuff at R Gallery.

Commerical Break


Happy Pi(e) Day


Kind of nerdy, kind of fun, it’s pi(e) day! A fresh batch of pie charts just let the shop for Paris! Chocolate Editions, infinite possibilities! (also, thanks Jason for the doodle.)

Nice Curves


Futuristic stripe paintings by Philippe Decrauzat we discovered at the Armory show.

Branding 101


Throwback Stussy. Spot the cameo appearances. Word of mouth is free! (Thanks Untitled.)