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trick or treat


a snap of our new packaging from our new series, primary bars, leaving the shop for trick or treaters.

A Rose For Gregory


Gregory Issacs aka The Smooth Don aka The Cool Ruler passed away October 25th. Music by Gregory always starts our morning. Favorite albums include Night Nurse, Gold and Judge Not (featuring The Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown). The beauty of great reggae dancehall music is the contrast between the sweet and the rough. Gregory had both for sure. A rough swagger, dressed to impress in a fedora and donning a red rose boutonnière, with a velvet sweet soft voice. To honor him, we suggest naming a rose for Gregory. Maybe call it Hot Stepper, Rumours or The Lonely Lover. Snaps are from a recent trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Rose Garden. So many great names and surprising varieties.

Natty Sugar


Trick or treat time & everyone needs a little sugar. Great tune, fun energy, and with some serious style. Definitely no costumes, here. Reminds us of the muppets. Now wiggle it!

How You Like Them Apples


Apple picking season: An apple for the devil. / Apple bobbing, Snoopy. Snap from The Great Pumpkin. / Apple Pie in Bed, Two as One by John Lennon / Enzo’s classic red apple. / Claes Oldenburg, Apple Core, 1992 / Lowly Worm’s car, classic Richard Scarry. / Homer Simpson Apple decals.

Eat Your Stripes


Our latest project was inspired by Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing #419 and a little razzle dazzle. Affordable art at 5 bucks!

Razzle Dazzle Chocolate


Op Art commercial for our line of chocolate bars. Check ‘em out at:

En Plein Air




Le Corbusier’s La Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut sits atop a hill in Ronchamp, France. Made entirely of concrete, a material Le Corbusier transformed into a prism of light. Modern yet rural, elegant yet simple. Reminds us of the fall crispy air. More beautiful photos by Liao Yusheng here.