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Coney Island Memories


One of our favorite spots and an endless source of inspiration. The sounds. The colors. The ocean. Here are a few shots of Coney Island past & present.

Wear a Smile


Whitney always wears a smile & her new clothing line really expresses that. Drop by Whit & say hello!

Kings of Pastry


16 Chefs. 3 Days. 1 Chance. This looks so delicious! A movie about the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, a competition held every four years in France. Each competitor enters a masterpiece which demonstrates his/her craft – in chocolate making and pâtisserie (to window making and cabinetry.) The winner carries the title “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” which means ‘One of the Best Workers of France’. Quite an honor. This is the real deal, like the James Beard Award here in the Untied States. The blue, white and red striped collar worn on the jackets of the winners is more than the ultimate recognition for every pastry chef –”it is a dream and an obsession.” In NYC, “Kings of Pastry” will open at Film Forum this September.



What’s our favorite color? Stripes! Introducing Julia Leach’s Chance. Simplicity with endless possibilities.

Whale of a Time


We just got back from a great week in Nantucket. One of our favorites shops on the island is The Toy Boat, a local toy shop that carries a large selection of handmade wooden toys.