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Down Under


We’re happy to announce that Third Drawer Down is selling our chocolate bars exclusively in Australia.

Business School


The Man Who Souled The World is a documentary about Steve Rocco, co-founder of World Industries. In the 1990s he (along with Rodney Mullen and Mark Gonzales) changed skateboarding into what it is today. Behind it all is a really interesting story about how to run a business and have fun doing it.

Hot Lips


Tom Wesselmann pop art key ring / Tom Wesselmann ‘Mouth’, 1967 / ‘Happy’ Rolling Stones 45 sleeve, 1972 / Chaka on a sweet thing / John Pasche ‘Tongue and Lip’ logo design, 1971 / Tom Wesselmann ‘Smoker’, 1979 / YSL dress

Stencil Cards


Our friends at Present & Correct celebrate the stencil. Check out our cards here.

Genuine Authentic


Spring cleaning and Mary found her old painting shirt. It’s vintage Levi’s chambray, and the snap buttons make it perfect for painting. We found it in a thrift shop in New Haven in perfect condition. Since then it’s had lot of wear and tear and the painting is authentic.

Jason Polan


Check out the sweet profile on Jason Polan in the LA Times. Here’s a page from his book “100 People I Saw At The Editions/Artists Books Fair.”

People Make The World Go Round