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Blue Surf


Mister Mort Custom Fitted / Yves Klein, Globe Terrestre Bleu, 1952 / M’s Blue Bandana Pocket Sq. / Pack your bags in blue. / Yves Klein, Archisponge (Re11), 1960 / Roy Lichtenstein: Imperfect, Heland Wetterling Gallery,1988 / The Smiths 12″ Cover / A Framed Ellsworth Kelly Print / Grumpy Smurf

Blue Monday


Blue Accident


Color is so mysterious. Chemists create a new blue by accident. Read more about it here.

Hermes Scarf


The Pani La Shar Pawnee scarf was designed by Kermit Oliver, a Texas artist, and first released in 1982. It’s a popular design that has been reissued over the years in different colorways. Mary got this version sometime in the mid-90′s and is one the favorites from her personal collection. She is already thinking about spring and what to rock it with.

A Box


Came across a few of these today, and couldn’t pass them up. By Swatek Romanoff Design. Probably 1980.

Lella & Massimo Vignelli


heller designed by massimo vignelli


Always on the look out for more Hellerware. We came across these rare clear Heller Maximugs. Also a great little tidbit on Vignelli in the kitchen courtesy of Edible Manhattan. He shops for his own stuff on Ebay!

subway book


Recently we picked up a copy of Subway, by Paul Shaw. It’s a really comprehensive look at the history of the NYC subway system’s use of Helvetica. It’s filled with great photo’s of MTA signage through the years, and is really well written. Highly recommended.

Thanks for all you gave us


One of our favorite Teddy Pendergrass songs.

Good Old Farrell’s


Growing up, going to Farrell’s was a big treat. They made an ice cream sundae called the zoo. It was so big it had to be carried by a two people on an ambulance stretcher.